Sunday, July 26, 2009

Tips for Artists and Crafters - Why Isn't My Art Selling? - Is Your Art Seasonal?

I find that my wall art sales vary with the seasons. Because my art is nature themed, sales pick up in the spring when people are starting to think about spring cleaning and decorating, and when the wildflowers are blooming. I do well during the holiday season, but 2D art is not as ‘gifty” as say, jewelry, so I don’t have higher holiday sales like a lot of crafters do (one reason I started making jewelry). I also find that I do well in January. That’s right, after Christmas, people start spending money on themselves again instead of worrying about saving their money for gifts for others. And, a lot of young people have money to spend that they were given for Christmas. So, if you are experiencing a lull, perhaps it’s seasonal?