Monday, June 29, 2009

Tips For Artists and Crafters: Selling At Art Shows - Why Isn't My Art Selling?

This is the introduction to a 6-part series on increasing your art sales. I am always happy to share what I have learned at my art shows, so if I do not cover an issue of particular importance to you in this series, feel free to post a question. Although this information may not work for everybody, and mostly pertains to painting and photography, some of it could apply to other mediums as well.

You have excellent art, priced right and nicely displayed, but you are not making any sales. If you are having an off weekend, hang in there and don’t give up, it happens to everyone. Sales are very much dependent on the right customer coming through at the right time in a buying frame of mind who likes your work. But, if you have had several shows in a row with low or no sales when other artists are doing well, then perhaps you need to make some changes. This happens to me occasionally, and when it does, I start questioning what I am doing or not doing to cause the problem. Basically, my advice in a nutshell is if it's not working try something different. If you are interested in more details, continue to monitor my blog for the next installments.

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