Friday, May 15, 2009

Tips for Artists and Crafters - Outdoor Art Shows - Art Show Etiquette

12 Rules of Etiquette for Art Shows - This applies to any art show, not just outdoors.

1. Get there early enough to be completely set up when the show opens, and never start packing up until the show is over.

2. Confine your product and display material to your alotted space and be careful not to encroach upon your neighbor's space.

3. If you have products (i.e. scents and sounds) that may have an impact beyond the confines of your booth, be sensitive to the impact of those products on other artists and the public.

4. Conduct yourself in a professional and business-like manner while selling at the show.

5. Do not approach a customer viewing another artist’s display.

6. Do not make derogatory remarks about another artist or their work.

7. Do not "hawk" your wares. Hawking is defined as offering goods for sale aggressively by calling out.

8. Refrain from using profanity, and from behavior that is verbally or physically abusive or dangerous and disruptive.

9. If you bring children or pets to your show, do not allow them to interfere with other artists or customers.

10. Be responsible for the behavior of friends and family members who visit your booth during the show, and if their behavior is disruptive, ask them to stop or ask them to leave.

11. Be helpful. Lend your neighbor a helping hand, especially if you see someone struggling with their setup for the first time, or in stressful situations such as when bad weather threatens.

12. Don't leave a mess behind, pick up your trash, i.e. cigarette butts, napkins, cut off zip ties, etc.