Saturday, September 19, 2009

Genuine, Handmade Sea Glass Jewelry

I just uploaded 15 new sea glass pieces to my Etsy store:

What is GENUINE sea glass? Sea glass (also called beach glass or mermaid's tears) is tumbled by sea sand and waves until smooth and frosted. It is NOT recycled glass that has been frosted in a rock tumbler. It is NOT frosted glass purchased at a craft store. Each and every piece of my sea glass jewelry is created from genuine sea glass which I find on Caribbean beaches during my scuba diving trips.

So you ask why my sea glass jewelry costs as much as my other jewelry if the glass was free? Well, it's not exactly free. Sea glass is not common, and I spend many hours searching for it. Then, after returning home, the glass is sorted and only the most perfect pieces are chosen for jewelry. Earrings are especially time consuming because I spend a lot of time matching up the pieces to make pairs. Drilling holes in sea glass is a skill that I have mastered only after considerable practice. It is done using a high speed drill mounted in a drill press with a diamond drill bit. The glass must be drilled in a pan of water to keep the bit from getting too hot and breaking. And, great care must be used during the drilling process because the glass breaks easily.

It is important to note that genuine sea glass is mostly irregular in shape and will almost always have some imperfections. It's made by mother nature and it's supposed to be that way, that's how you tell it's the real thing!



  1. That is so amazingly gorgeous... I'll be keeping these in mind when the holidays come around!


  2. A masterpiece really ... I like the the design.


  3. Thank you, Kal, I'm looking forward to reading your scuba diving blog posts.

  4. This piece and the matching earrings were sold at the Old Pecan Street Festival to a lovely woman who collects sea glass but doesn't make jewelry. What a joy to be able to pass it on to someone who truly appreciates and treasures sea glass!

  5. Beautiful...I like your etsy shop!